The most straightforward fitness tracker - powered by AI

Introducing fitbird, the fitness tracker that simplifies working out so that the everyday person can get the most out of their time and efforts with less to worry.

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Only do things that are productive

fitbird uses cutting-edge AI technology and scientific research to plan exercises that are meant specifically for you. This ensures that you are always doing things that are productive.

It's easy to use

✅  Start a workout

✅  Execute the set

✅  Log it

✅  Repeat 🔁

✅  Finish the workout 🎉

✅  Get insights for your workout 🔍

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Seek professional advice - anytime anywhere

Have questions regarding your workout or progress? fitbird connects you with trained professionals from around the world — giving you more insights on your progress, advices on your form, etc. fuss-free.

How fitbird helps you

fitbird has everything you need to reach your goals with lesser effort. 

Fuss-free planning

fitbird automatically plans exercises for you to do in each rotation and schedules them to your availability with no fuss.

Optimizes to you

The exercises that fitbird recommends are specially curated for you. It adapts to your pace and progressively overloads you. 

Actionable analytics

fitbird allows you to visualize your growth   i.e. find out why things worked or why they didn't. If you need additional help, speak to one of the coaches!

A human touch

Performance reviews

Whenever you need help, fitbird seamlessly connects you with a professional coach and automatically provides them with relevant information so that they can advise u appropriately.  

fitbird uses a proprietary algorithm to assess your monthly performance and gives you relevant tips on how to improve  all in a simple, easy-to-read report.

Achieve your genetic potential

With fitbird's combination of sports science and state-of-the-art AI technology, anyone can obtain professional-level coaching and be at their most optimal form.

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Join the alpha program and enjoy great benefits

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